Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sleeping Through the Night

At this stage, my daughter and I are finally getting to sleep through the night! We spent a week taking turns with these little guys, in which they mainly needed us around 1:00 A.M. for a feeding.

Ann, you nailed it in your comment about what the vet told us to do next.....we had to teach them to pee-n-poop! That was a "trip" I never expected to travel during my life time! Thankfully it lasted just a week and after we introduced them to can cat food, the litter box training came next. The babies caught on quickly and this lady was delighted! During this new training period we found that diaper wipes worked the best and lots of newspapers!

We ended up moving the kittens three times during their house stay with us, as they kept escaping their current homes. This one we named Bungy; he didn't need an elastic cord to get where he was going, he just lunged!

He was the first one to escape...
the first one to the bottle,
first one to crawl up your leg!

At 4 weeks old we would let them out to explore and play. You could see how quickly they were changing from wobbly to a gutsy dare-devilish mode. It didn't take them long to figure out how to pounce on an unsuspecting brother or sister! Our nightly entertainment had some of the deepest belly laughs that we had received in a long time. I do believe that we slept better because of these comical kittens!
When the babies would get tired from playing, we'd gather them up, put them back on their heating pad and have them settle down for the night. They weren't always easy to find and in this picture we thought for sure that we had lost one. My husband found this little guy and even donated his slippers for the night as not to disturb his sleep.
Yes, they had begun to work their fuzzy magic on the man of the house!


  1. The thing about cats is they more than pay their way in softness and entertainment. This is making me really itchy for a kitten or two.

  2. dear trippin'
    hope all is well! Can't wait to read more of your blogs!