Monday, May 31, 2010

There's a Way to Eat Sunflower Seeds?

I've always taken delight in our sunflower fields around Kansas; the fields are just full of huge, happy flowers! I enjoy eating sunflower seeds too and prefer them "naked" to in a shell.


Too much effort in finding that little seed to munch,
when you can just pop a whole handful in your mouth
and get to the business of enjoying the salty crunch!

Recently I had a delightful lesson on wiggling that little sunflower seed out of it's shell; taught to me by a successful wiggler. My 16 year old daughter.

Her instructions follow....(these are beginners instructions)

  1. Just put one seed at a time in your mouth
  2. Turn the seed ridge side up, gently bite down on it to crack it open
  3. Find the seed and wiggle it out
  4. Move the seed to the back of your mouth
  5. Keep the shell in the front of your mouth
  6. Spit the shell out
  7. Enjoy your efforts
I would love to tell you that all went well. I really did give it my best and I paid attention to all the details she patiently spelled out for me.....4 different times!

My first attempt: Did not bite down on the shell gently and ended up with several pieces of shell. I completely lost the seed. Spit the whole thing out.
#2. Bit down softly on the shell, still couldn't tell the difference between the shell and the seed and spit the whole thing out.

#3. Bit down softly on the shell, found the seed this time but lost it somewhere around the molars. Spit the whole thing out.
#4. Bit down softly on the shell, found the seed, moved it to the back of my mouth and kept the shell to the front. Succeeded in spitting the shell out and enjoying the seed!

My daughter then informed me during my very nice victory dance, that I need to work on my spitting. I remind her of a llama. hmm....

After several more attempts at clearing the chest region, I can proudly say that my spitting is a little more refined and some day I will be able to spit out two shells instead of an arsenal!

Friday, May 28, 2010

HALF LIFE (lyrics) - duncan

"Get Over It"

Do you love these words or hate them? I guess it depends on your circumstances. At first read, I just grit my teeth but as the day wears on it begins to sink in and I start to sort thoughts out.

I found some advice today from (good site) and thought I would add the post to my random thoughts.
(By the way, I'm working through being jealous but I haven't picked up stalking yet!)

"Jealousy is not a spirit of embrace and welcome, but a closed-minded spirit. It ruins positive perspective and intrudes on happy people and makes them miserable and feel like they are lacking or unworthy. This is not a good way to live at all."
I did say that this blog was about new adventures......well I'm learning to close this "jealous" door permanently. It's been a part of my life for way too long and I'm really tired of the ride it takes me on. Am I insecure? Yep, been that way most of my life and I'm realizing that I can't wait anymore on anyone to fill that void in my life, it's up to me.

Excited? Today has been off the charts with it and I can't wait for some more pages to turn to see what's next. Scary? yep, but it's really fun trying new things. Mid-Life crisis? All the way! and it can only get better. So raise your glasses in a toast with me as "we" Get Over It!

(I love music, and it can speak out your thoughts so much more than you can express yourself. This is an awesome song!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My family has questioned my choice of the name of my blog and to quote my husband,

"Don't you know that means 'doing drugs' ?"

Yes, I'm a child of the 60's and I grew up with the hippies. I even remember them taking over Disneyland on one of our visits and they shut the park down, sent all the rest of us home, so the hippies could enjoy the park without damaging it. Didn't think much of the hippies after that incident.

Police take Main Street Date: August 6, 1970
On this day in 1970 a group of "hippies" obtained entrance to Disneyland in Anaheim California. They ran rampant over the park, attempting to claim "Tom Sawyer's Island" for themselves. Disneyland, not knowing how to handle this breach of customary etiquette, called in the Orange County Police who arrived in full riot gear. The park was closed and all visitors were asked to depart, leaving Disneyland empty except for the remaining hippies. This was the first time the park was closed early. Earlier Disneyland was infamous for its policy of refusing entry to young men wearing beards, a common practice in California and especially in some cities of Orange County. No rain-check was given to the departing visitors.

So I did a little research on Trippin" and below is what I found:


to be talking crazy and/or not making sense. sometimes used to say to people when they insult you or insult a friend of yours.

I'm afraid I'm accused of this one a lot! I do talk to myself and I do answer myself. I make sense to myself and I work a lot of issues out this way. Am I trippin? Maybe, but "we're" all happy!


VERB (sometimes used as an ADJECTIVE) 1. displaying a displeased or problematic reaction to what has been said or done by another person 2. the act of rupturing regular peaceful discourse between two human beings. 3. The act of throwing obstacles in between the peaceful interaction of human beings that could be metaphorically "tripped over"

I've always hated this one and have never understood why it would happen. I like peace, (hmm...still a hippie?) I strive for it and want everyone around me to live there with me. If you can't be nice, then go away. Why do I feel this way so strongly; is it because of the way I was raised? and why do I feel like such an oddball if I'm not out there "trippin" other people up and messing up their day.

and finally, my favorite:


A state of mind brought on by experiencing a different state of consciousness- mostly through vast changes in perception, senses and thought patterns. Tripping is usually experienced through the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin- but can also be experienced naturally as well. This is because psychedelic drugs are supposed to break down the filters of the mind i.e 'thought at large' which are believed to eliminate unnecessary thought patterns. Because the mind (including the alleged filters) were not fully developed in youth, tripping could sometimes happen naturally as a result. And if you don't believe me or think it's impossible, then read the example... you'll know what I'm talking about :)

When I was younger, the world seemed a more vibrant place. It was much easier to daydream or lose myself in my thoughts, or imagine things as though they were real. Music felt really alive, as though it connected with me somehow, and I could spend hours following every crevice in the pavement on the way home from school... where now I couldn't care less. That is how I viewed the world as a child... but having matured since then those abilities have been lost as a result. Tripping makes you more aware of all the details that pass us by- and whether it's through drugs or natural causes, tripping is a great way to realize all the finer things around us that we normally take for granted :)

I'm now on a journey to a more vibrant place! (no drugs needed) A place that needs to have the creaky door hinges oiled and the cobwebs brushed aside. Where music is alive and I can see again as a child. I want to realize all the finer things around me and never ever take them for granted.