Friday, May 28, 2010

"Get Over It"

Do you love these words or hate them? I guess it depends on your circumstances. At first read, I just grit my teeth but as the day wears on it begins to sink in and I start to sort thoughts out.

I found some advice today from (good site) and thought I would add the post to my random thoughts.
(By the way, I'm working through being jealous but I haven't picked up stalking yet!)

"Jealousy is not a spirit of embrace and welcome, but a closed-minded spirit. It ruins positive perspective and intrudes on happy people and makes them miserable and feel like they are lacking or unworthy. This is not a good way to live at all."
I did say that this blog was about new adventures......well I'm learning to close this "jealous" door permanently. It's been a part of my life for way too long and I'm really tired of the ride it takes me on. Am I insecure? Yep, been that way most of my life and I'm realizing that I can't wait anymore on anyone to fill that void in my life, it's up to me.

Excited? Today has been off the charts with it and I can't wait for some more pages to turn to see what's next. Scary? yep, but it's really fun trying new things. Mid-Life crisis? All the way! and it can only get better. So raise your glasses in a toast with me as "we" Get Over It!

(I love music, and it can speak out your thoughts so much more than you can express yourself. This is an awesome song!)

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