Monday, June 21, 2010

Fiber? Do I really get enough!

I know, crazy thought and why would I be having such a thought on this blistery summer day? I'm not for sure.
Maybe because the heat index has seared all the other thoughts in my brain and left this one to roll around. Anyway, it's there and I do have some curious questions. answered a lot and I enjoyed the read; but I'm sorry to report that it didn't answer my BIG question.

"I want to know if I leave that little sticker on my fruits and veggies will that add up to several grams of fiber or just an annoying piece of fiber that is now stuck in my teeth?"

Yes, I do wash, scrub and dry my produce, but I DO forget that little sticker. It's only after I enjoyed the tart apple or the juicy tomato that I find a foreign substance in my mouth and remember once again.....THE STICKER.


  1. lol!!! Julie, your rightings give me Joy in the times i get to sit down and read them.
    you have a grate gift, and I'm glad a many of people can injoy it as much as I have these past 16 years of knowing you.
    I'm so thankfull that God thought of us to be in one onthers lifes, I am truly privlegd!

  2. This is so funny! Fiber is fiber, right? Enjoy the heat - I'm envious. We're having the coolest, wettest stretch in the history of the Northwest.